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Rifle above is Shown with optional Scope and 2 20 Rd Magazines taken apart in a Deluxe Carrying Case


What Makes FeatherUSA the Only Take-Down Rifle for Carry! 
​Compact Modular Design & Glock Magazine Compatible

Rifle above is Shown with optional Scope, Scope Rail, See Thru Rings, Barrel Shroud, Sling & Swivels, 20 Rd Magazine, Collapsible Stock and Front Pistol Grip. 

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​​In 1995 Feather Industries went out of business, 3 years later
FeatherUSA was formed building the same style rifles with UZI style mags for the 9MM and 45ACP, then in 2008 FeatherUSA changed everything with the ability to use a standard glock magazine in any of the centerfire rifles. The 22LR Rifle still uses the same style magazine with the addition of an 8 Rd. Magazine.

A Brief History

Kit includes- A new buffer machined out of Delron, a heavy Duty Firing Pin Spring, and a New Cap, Only $139.95 + S/H

The Complete Package in One Carry Case for Shooter's that enjoy Backpacking, Hiking, Fishing, Back Country Camping, Target Shooting, Hunting and then add as many Optional Accessories for that Survival Package used by Pilots, Security Guards, Police, and Military and if you happen to Carry Glock as your side Arm, You'll have the capability of using the same mags for both weapons

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 Upgraded Buffer Kit