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Call Service Number

Phone: 1-337-456-6281

Toll Free: 1-844-452-6281



Customer Note: Feather USA is back in business and will be Producing AT Rifles very soon. Your patience is greatly appreciated!


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Rifles can be sent in for repairs

Please Call 1 337-456-6281 before sending any rifles in to Feather USA.

There is a standard $69.95 Evaluation Charge to go through any rifle and diagnose what problems may exist. You can send a check with your rifle or you can pay by credit card when we receive the rifle. 

All rifles must be sent UPS or FedEx Ground with a note of what is going on with the rifle and a return address.

Once we receive the rifle and payment we will go through, we will then diagnose what needs to be done and determine what parts are needed. 

(Parts are an additional charge from Evaluation Fee)

Additional Services

Trigger Housing Rebuild $55.95 + S/H- You can send in your rifle through UPS or FedEx and we will take it apart and rebuild it with new springs and any missing or broken parts. (only send the housing)

Bolt Machining & New Firing Pin $119.95 + S/H- Send in your rifle through UPS or FedEx and we can machine the bolt to fit the new style firing pin.

(Not all Bolt styles are Supported Call 1-337-456-6281 for more details)

Drilling and Tapping for Laser and Light Super Rails $69.95 + S/H- ​Send us your rifle and we will drill and tap it to fit the new Super Rails. Price includes the Rails themselves.